Automated age estimation

More security for selling age-restricted goods

The PerfectChecker all-in-one solution automates the anonymous age estimation for you to support your sales process of age-restricted goods.

No internet required

No recurring fees

World leading accuracy

Did you know...


„The Association of Convenience Stores Crime Report 2022 found ‘enforcing an age restricted sales policy’ is one of the top triggers for violence against staff.“

Prevent underage sales

PerfectChecker is an effective deterrent for minors to buy age-restricted products.

Reduce potential abuse

PerfectChecker is the solution for sales staff to make informed decisions during the age check process, helping reduce abuse when challenging customers for ID.

Meet licensing objectives

PerfectChecker can secure licences in accordance with the UK Licensing Act 2003 objectives; protecting children from harm; preventing crime and disorder.
PerfectChecker, die automatisierte Alterserkennung für den Einzelhandel
PerfectChecker powered by
Innovative Technology Ltd.

Advantages for your sales staff

Your sales staff will have more security when selling age-restricted goods with the easy-to-use and cost-effective PerfectChecker solution.

Avoid unnecessary risks - simplify and accelerate the sales process at the POS or even at the self-service terminal with state-of-the-art technology:

The way it works

PerfectChecker clearly indicates to your sales staff via coloured LEDs whether an age verification check should be carried out:

Works according to the CHALLENGE 25 principle.

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